Engineers with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Engineers with thyssenkrupp Steel

High-capacity blast furnaces in one of the world’s largest integrated iron and steel mill. Continuous casting and hot-strip production combined in one process stage. One of the most modern cold-rolling mills in the world. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG offers technical specialists like you formidable projects that cal for dedication, a feel for quality and creativity.

Get started in truly unique projects – the kind that only an internationally renowned steel group like thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG can put at your fingertips. Discover new uses for steel, find new alloys or optimize production processes. No matter what you can imagine yourself doing, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe will prove the perfect setting for your excellent expertise!

Your expertise will galvanize one of several interdisciplinary teams which all join forces to achieve the impossible when it comes to the material steel. If this sounds like you check out our sections employees involved in projects
and engineers with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG. It’s a snapshot of what our employees are doing – and soon maybe you, too. Once you’ve found exactly the right spot in our job board, you could be right in the thick of the action. We’re looking forward to meeting you.