Project Examples

The basis for decision

Senior Engineer Max Devin

Senior Engineer

Industrial engineer Max Devin knows how to combine business management and technology, thus ensuring the successful completion of projects in Germany and abroad.

InCar – the “ideas pool” for the automotive industry

Senior Expert Jessica Hermenitt-Faath

Senior Expert

Many considered the project too complicated. But Jessica Hermenitt-Faath and her team made it happen: they consolidated the automotive expertise of every Group business into one project.

Quality made in Germany

Senior Engineer Birte Radke

Senior Engineer

Young mechanical engineer Birte Radke and her team ensure quality made in Germany – for she oversees the production of hot strip and electrical strip.

Successful fight against particulate emissions

Senior Engineer Dr. Stefan Wienströer

Senior Engineer

Dr. Stefan Winströer – with a PhD in chemistry – it is all about the complex process of sinter production – and he makes sure that every year, 12.6 million tones of sinter are produced in the Schwelgern plant, and this even with less impact on the environment.