Application Tips

The quickest way to achieve your goals

You have chosen your vocational discipline and found the place that is right for you. Now there is just one more little hurdle you have to jump over before your dreams come true: The application that gets you in. Keep reading to learn about what awaits you during the application process and what else you need to know.

1. What happens during the application process?
The first thing we need is, of course, your application via our comfortable online form. If we think you ha’ve got potential, we’ will invite you to take a “placement test” so we can better assess your skills and background. If you pass that test, we’ will ask you in for a face-to-face interview so we can get to know each other. And if you make a good impression on us, our company physician will give you a checkup to ensure you meet medical requirements. Now the only thing left is your John Hancock on the contract…and count down the days until you officially start. We hope to see your application soon!

2. When do I have to submit my application?
To pull ahead in the race for a sought-after apprenticeship, burst out of the starting blocks early. Remember, the application process takes time. So send in your application as early as nine months before you graduate high school. Our job board lists openings more than a year in advance. Also important: give yourself enough time to put together a complete application. It can take a few weeks.

3. How do I make my application perfect?
A complete application is essential. Easier said than done, right? It is quite simple, really. If you need some assistance with your first application, apply via thyssenkrupp Jobworld where you will find an online form easy to fill in. The following documents in digitized form belong in your application: Cover letter, résumé, recent photo, the two most recent certificates and any internships records you might have. 

4. What should I definitely not do?
There is a big difference between applying for an apprenticeship and for a corner office. And we know this is your first application. Having said that, do not spoil your chances with us – grimy papers, lots of typos, and missing information are real no-nos. Ask your parents for help, or friends who have been through the process before. Four eyes are always better than two.

5. How can I prepare for tests and interviews??
If you follow two rules you will surely convince us that you are the right apprentice for us! So both in the placement test where we put your knowledge and your skills to the test and in the face-to-face interview you should keep the following things in mind:
First off: stay calm and just be yourself. Next: dress the part, and be on time – these are big! The first impression you make on our HR rep is often the one that tips the scales. Your clothing should be neat, appropriate, and business-like, but you still need to feel comfortable in it. Otherwise you will sound and appear artificial. What you choose should fall between “laid back” and “fashion victim.” This, and your punctuality demonstrate to us that you are motivated and you take the meeting seriously.
Second: find out more about your dream job and about thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG. Where? On our Internet pages, through designated key contacts, and Germany’s Federal Employment Agency site. You can also take an online practice placement test here.

Further application assistance

For even more information on crafting the perfect application and making the best impression you can on the first interview, visit: