Technical Jobs

You have a soft spot for technology?

If you opt for one of our technical apprenticeships, you enter directly into the fascinating world of steelmaking, maintenance and production technology in a globally operating technology group.

In our technology centers which are equipped to the most recent standards in terms of teaching methods, we train you for the challenges of modern industrial professions. You will work in different maintenance and production teams where experienced employees show you the ropes. So you gather hands-on experience from the very start and are thus able to become part of an existing team right after your apprenticeship.

Beside the theoretical part which is mainly imparted at the vocational college, the practical work on site is an important element of your training.

These are our technical apprenticeships:

  • Laboratory chemist
  • Railway employee technical service – train driving and transport
  • Electronics technician – operating technology
  • Electronics technician – automation engineering
  • Energy electronics technician
  • Industrial mechanic
  • IT systems electronic technician
  • Cook
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Engineering draftsman, specialization:  machine and plant technology
  • Process mechanic – metallurgical and semi-finished goods industry, specialization: iron and steel metallurgy and steel forming
  • Materials tester
  • Milling machine operator

For all vocational disciplines, you should have a general certificate of secondary education (Fachoberschulreife) or a higher qualification. If you want to be trained as port or warehouse logistics specialist, you should have a CSE (Hauptschulabschluss) or higher qualification.