University Graduates

From college to practice

It probably seems like yesterday that you were attending your last seminars, or finishing your final exams. Or maybe you’ve just handed in your last paper toward your degree. Well, that was yesterday. Take on a whole new challenge – and discover the exciting perspectives waiting for you in the world of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe! Time to embark on a graduate career with a leading-edge company that will allow your talents to develop and allow you to climb the career ladder.

What better place to begin your future plans than with a successful global player that values people and puts people first. We offer a number of options to college graduates. For example there is our trainee program as well as the direct entry option. Whichever alternative you choose, it is a solid investment in your future career, the perfect stepping stone to build up an understanding of everyday business. You might even be considering the pros and cons of studying for a PhD – in which case we’d also like to hear from you, as we also offer positions to PhD students through our PhD program.

One of the best ways to find out what thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has to offer is to get in touch with one of our employees. As you will see, they have already embarked on a career with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, and like everyone here, they are regular people - just like you.