Future Colleagues

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe stands for more than 20,000 staunch supporters, each with a clear vision of what tomorrow’s technologies hold. Dedication, ambition and passion – more than 20,000 times over. And more than 20,000 different personalities each with their own story.  

At thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG our employees are the bedrock of our success, guaranteeing we will continue to accomplish great things. That is why it is so important to us to assemble diverse teams spanning a wide range of skills. The outcome: fresh, striking solutions for the great challenges that lie on our horizon.

What unites our employees at our locations, is the high demand we place on quality, but also the goals we share: The will to incubate innovation, live up to our social responsibility and continue to nurture development. Discover what diverse backgrounds our employees come from: Get acquainted with some of them and see there is more to “brains“ than just a diploma with all the right numbers in it.

We would also like to hear about your personal story. Apply today using our job board.